Most workshops are 2-6 hours, with some being offered in 2-parts.

Facilitators are available as Guest and Keynote Speakers.

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Short Story Writing Team Building Workshop

Facilitator – James Baylor, Academic Success Coach


Participants form small groups to collaborate on the writing of a relevant, fictional or non-fictional short story.  We will explore the various component of writing (brainstorming, subject selection, drafting, writing, editing, and completion) as the process moves forward.


Team Building Art Project Workshop

Facilitator- Janet Waters, Artist and Educator


Develop and accomplish minor and major goals by teaching people how to work together.  Build and create those successful teams your organization desires and have fun during the process.


Adults forget the importance of teamwork and how being part of a team can be fun and productive. This workshop will build important skills through art that will not only build a team, but will build confidence and the desire to achieve.


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