Most workshops are 2-6 hours, with some being offered in 2-parts.

Facilitators are available as Guest and Keynote Speakers.

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Business and Social Etiquette

Facilitator- Cash Hester, Business Etiquette and Image Expert


This seminar is designed to increase the participants’ awareness, knowledge and benefits of business etiquette expectations, including, verbal, written and non-verbal communications, protecting your professional reputation and social interactions in business.


Dining Etiquette

Facilitator- Cash Hester, Business Etiquette and Image Expert


This informative workshop will introduce participants to proper social and business dining etiquette. You will learn invaluable social skills, from how to extend or accept an invitation, how to be a good host or guest at business meal, which utensil to use with each course, to composing a thank

you note.


*Workshop includes lecture and a 5-course restaurant meal.


Personal and Business Image

Facilitator- Cash Hester, Business Etiquette and Image Expert


Everything Speaks!! Everything You Wear, Everything You Say, Everything You Do. Are you sending the right message?


The image that people have about you will affect your success in every aspect of life, your professional life, your social life, even your love life. This workshop will help you make certain the image the world is seeing is the image you want them to see. Learn to be the narrator of your story, not a victim of the story.


Personal Branding

Facilitator- Brenda Goburn Smith, Career Strategist


Crafting your Personal Brand Statement is a decidedly important exercise. It is an essential component in developing your resume. “Writing you story” or “personal brand profile” will produce your clear personal brand statement, sales pitch, elevator speech or statement of your goals.


Resume Development

Facilitator- Brenda Goburn Smith, Career Strategist


The business of hiring has drastically changed. Your resume has about 6-seconds to get and hold the attention of the hiring authority. You must quickly communicate who you are, state your job objective, identify your unique value, competencies, talents, and how you can contribute to the business. Cookie cutter resume templates won’t do. This workshop will show you how to get the interview.


Unleash Your Creativity

Facilitator -Randi Vega, Artist and Educator


Creativity means more than just artistic talent. You use your creativity to come up with new ideas and insights into your work, your relationships and your artistic outlets. Learn techniques to unleash your creative self and to stimulate the creative process in your own life.


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