Most workshops are 2-6 hours, with some being offered in 2-parts.

Facilitators are available as Guest and Keynote Speakers.

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501(C) 3….I’m Ready To Be My Own Boss

Facilitator- Beatrice Rice, Program Management Implementator and Non Profit Coach


So you’d like to serve others and start your own 501(C) 3 non-profit organization. Come and learn the nuts and bolts of the non-profit world. What is a 501(C) 3, is it right for me and do I have what it takes? Where do I start? How do I apply and how would the organization be sustained? Learn about the Application Requirements, Application Process, IRS Reporting, and more.


Customer Service

Facilitator- Cash Hester, Business Etiquette and Image Expert


This workshop makes the importance of good service and good relationships relevant to the participant and their industry, as we help redefine the word “customer”, be it face-to-face, telephone, or on-line. A customer is more than a shopper. Learn to communicate with and service the person with needs or help solve the problems that are presented to you.


Program Development…I Have a Program Idea

Facilitator- Beatrice Rice, Program Management Implementator and Non Profit Coach


You’ve dreamed about having your own program, and even have some great ideas but have little or no knowledge about what it actually takes to run a program. Participants of this workshop will learn the “ins” and “out” to designing, developing and implementing a program idea.


Topics will include: program design, program development, program management and program evaluation.


The Importance of Soft Skills

Facilitator- Cash Hester, Business Etiquette and Image Expert


Statistics reveal that 46% of new hires will fail within 18 months due in part to poor soft skills.


The Concept By Cash Soft Skills workshop includes elements that help participants develop interpersonal skills allowing them to more effectively relate to friends, colleagues, subordinates, management and customers. These elements include communications skills, work ethics, professional reputation and image, patience, empathy and much more. There is a strong emphases put on fidelity and dependability.


The workshop will show participants how developing a core set of soft skills can even lead to greater job performance and satisfaction.



Write Your Own Business Plan

Facilitator – James Baylor, Academic Success Coach


This workshop is designed for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs. Participants will learn how to construct and write a clear and concise business plan. We will explore the various techniques, components, research methods, and wording that generate good business plans.


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