During a 2.5 year battle with Cancer, I decided that instead of writing the ugliness of this fight in my journal that I would fill my pages, my heart and my mind with beautiful, strong and positive words and affirmations. Some I stole, and some came to me through prayer and meditation, but these slogans became my "Fighting Words". I cried them out, I chanted them, and sometimes shouted them out, but I fought to see myself as a "Victor" not a "Victim".


After many request to do so, I finally decided to put these affirmations on clothing and accessories to share the power with all who need to be lifted, motivated and supported through whatever battle they might be facing.


Another part of my healing therapy was learning to create visual beauty by making hundreds of fused glass jewelry pieces, one at a time, and allowing myself to fall in love with the process and the results.


                                                                                                    HERE'S TO VICTORY


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